You are the HERO of your life!


How is your winter (or summer) going so far? I’ve been doing a lot of snowboarding and cooking.

These days I’m cooking a ton of Indian food. Seriously, I’m obsessed with learning all the in’s and out’s of making authentic Indian dishes. It’s my favorite cuisine (tips and resources totally welcome!)

It’s been a winter of healing for me, which is why I haven’t been making as many videos as I usually do. I spent a lot of much needed time to myself snowboarding, cooking, going for walks and catching up on episodes of The Mindy Project (that show cracks me up!).

BUT now I am back with a new video and I think you’re going to love it! Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you are the superhero of your own life — you have the power to say “this is not how my story is going to end”!

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Top SoulFULL Posts and Topics of 2014


I’m not one for setting big New Years goals.

I don’t believe in reflecting and starting new just once a year. Instead, it’s something that I circle back to often throughout the year. I prefer to constantly check-in with myself and assess whether or not I like the direction I’m headed in.

Do I still desire what I desired a few months ago? Am I following my excitement? Am I forgiving the past, as I go?

The one and only resolution I’m making is the commitment to heal my own mind — to know my Self deeper than ever before. That is the only thing I resolve to do this year and everything else will stem from it.

It’s been a busy year here in Soul Workout headquarters. Whether you’ve been with me for a while, or you just found me, below is a recap of the most popular topics and videos from this year!

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The Key to Life Transformation and Personal Growth


Hello friends, I’m back from my mini break!

The past couple of weeks were full of personal reflection, some disappointment, breakthroughs, excitement, and new beginnings.

I have so many topics I want to chat with you about in the New Year so get ready because we’re going places :)

In today’s NEW video below, I share with you the key to experiencing transformation and growth in your life. I’ve been listening to an “inspirational story of the day” on a local radio station on my drives to work, and the scientist in me couldn’t help but try and find the common theme in all the stories.

Click the video below to find out what I discovered!

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Gift Ideas For The Spirit-Stoked Folks In Your Life!


Whoohoo it’s almost Christmas!

This is arguably my favorite time of year. The fluffy snow. Scent of pine. Family time. Smell of fresh baked cookies swarming the kitchen. And of course, gift giving. There is something about giving a thoughtful gift that really lights me up.

I wanted to share with you a few affordable gift ideas for the spirit-stoked people in your life!

First up on the gift idea list…

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What do you need? — do that!


I grew up in Connecticut very close to New York City, which in my eyes, is a very high energy, fast-paced environment. A city of doers. I’ve always been a doer myself and I enjoy having goals to work towards.

I truly love being creative and taking action towards my dreams.

But in the midst of taking action towards future goals, it’s vital that you make pursuing pleaser a priority during the process. And for me nowadays, that comes in the form of being gentle with myself — not charging full speed ahead 24/7, letting go of limiting thoughts, and doing less of what I “should” do and more of what I want.

Sure, there are times in life when we have to do things we don’t necessarily want to do, but pleasure should not be at the end of your journey, it should be part of your journey. Continue Reading

When A Relationship Shifts Form


As you may or may not know, I’ve made a series of videos on the topic of relationships. I believe that relationships are mirrors and therefore, teachers.

The other person is simply a reflection of you and as a result, you have a tremendous opportunity to learn about yourself.

And learn about myself I did!

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