Look But Don’t Dwell


Welcome to the new AmandaChristian.com!
I still have a few kinks to work out, but overall I’m lovin’ it. Hope you do too ;)

Today’s Soul Workout is a short and simple nugget of spiritual wisdom that I’ve found particularly helpful lately. Click the video below to find out what it is and how to use it!

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Healing of the past (what that is and how to do it)

release the past

As you might already know, I love animated films.

Despicable Me, Finding Nemo, Disney’s Hercules and The Lion King being some of my top picks.

For a quick musical pick-me-up, I highly recommend this jam. No worries, okay?

Now, despite what you may be thinking, there is a point to me bringing up my love of animated films. In today’s Soul Workout, we’re talking about how to (finally) release your past, what healing of the past really is, and how to do it.

What does The Lion King have to do with any of this? Click the video below to find out!

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How to Stop Upper Limiting (aka Self-Sabotage)


Greetings from Vermont! Today I have a snow filled video comin’ your way ;)

As you might remember, last year I fractured my wrist while snowboarding. So this year, when the snow started to fall, I geared up for a fresh start on my board.

As I went up the chairlift, strapped into my board and started down the slope for the first time since my wrist injury, I was scared. I was scared to hurt myself again.

Interestingly, this season I found myself snowboarding with a guy who once shatter his pelvis in a snowboarding accident. One day while we were on the chairlift together, I asked him if he was scared to snowboard again after the accident? He shook his head side to side mulling the question over and then finally said, “I just got back on my board and started riding again. Then I was fine.”

Sometimes the only way through the fear is to just do it anyway. Start before you’re ready. After a few runs down the mountain, my passion for snowboarding came flooding back. I no longer felt afraid. Instead, I felt powerful.

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Less Guilt, More Peace! (Plus Wanderlust News)


Hello Mighty Companion!

Can you believe it’s already Spring? I can hardly wait for the flowers to start blooming and for the snow to melt so I can get on my mountain bike. I love bikes.

Seeing as Spring is here and Summer is quickly approaching, I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I will be leading hiking + yoga treks at the Wanderlust Festival in California this summer, July 17th – 20th. Come hang out with me!

Wanderlust is an all-out celebration of mindful living through yoga, meditation, music, food and nature. I went last year and it was a blast. I’m honored to be teaching this year and hope to meet some of you there!

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