Worry Less. Take One Step At A Time.


Today I have a new video, filmed with my new camera and edited on my new computer, all while I’m rocking’ my new haircut (which you’re about to see!).

This week I also wore high-heels to my salsa lessons.

Folks, I’m upping my game in ALL areas of life. 

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Why Wait For Peace?

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.21.49 AM

Let me tell ya, today’s video has been a long time coming. I planned it, filmed it, edited it, exported it and then decided I didn’t like it for various reasons. So I did it all again. Oh the life of a video blogger!

Anyway, I could not be more excited for some of the things I have planned to share with you for the Spring and Summer. Standby for some website updates and new yoga content.

And just when you thought I was done making videos… ;)

The theme in my life right now is patience. I’m such a goal oriented person and sometimes I can get stuck in that place of just trying to reach the goals. Just trying to get “there” or “it”.

It feels really frustrating when it seems like there is a hug gap between where you currently are and where you want to go.

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How To Achieve Your Dreams (and get beyond resistance in 3 steps)


Things get real when your dreams are on the line, and todays video is packed with some pretty epic re-frames.

I know I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks but I’ll tell ya, this winter has been a time of transformation. Perhaps a deeper more confusing transformation than ever (and I’ve been through LOTS of transformative experiences)

I guess it could be said that life is always evolving. We are always changing.

Isn’t there a quote about that? You know, “the only constant is change”, or something.

Anyway, today I want to talk about dreams. YOUR dreams. Your deepest desires and the things you long to experience, see, achieve in this life.

Lets just start of by saying: they’re valid.

But what’s a girl to do when you have a passion or a dream, but you can’t seem to get yourself to pursue it? You feel the resistance, self doubt, and excuses…big time.

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The Happiness Machine… Would You Plug In? (+ NEW yoga video!)


Right now I’m reading a book called The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. I’m a little late on this one seeing as it was originally published in 2008, but it caught my eye in the library nonetheless, and so far I’m loving it.

The book briefly talks about the philosopher Robert Nozick and his thought experiment called the Experience Machine. Imagine that there was a way to stimulate your brain in order to induce pleasurable experiences (and it’s totally safe). You would experience constant pleasure for the rest of your life.

Would you plug yourself into the Experience Machine?

I wouldn’t.

This simple thought experiment got me thinking about how much I truly, deeply enjoy the act of achieving.

For me, pursuit and happiness are not mutually exclusive. This idea has been rippling through my thoughts all week.

We spend so much of our mental energy trying to become happy mostly by focusing on getting rid of our sources of un-happiness. Simply take a look at the way we handle our feelings.

I’d say most people (including myself), have the instinct to get rid of fear, to run from uncertainty, not feel insecure about our bodies, get rid of the the food cravings, get your life together, and figure out what your doing with your life already because confusion is bad!

But I woke up this morning asking myself, what if the uncertainty, change, confusion and fear is always there? And surprisingly I felt peace.

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You are the HERO of your life!


How is your winter (or summer) going so far? I’ve been doing a lot of snowboarding and cooking.

These days I’m cooking a ton of Indian food. Seriously, I’m obsessed with learning all the in’s and out’s of making authentic Indian dishes. It’s my favorite cuisine (tips and resources totally welcome!)

It’s been a winter of healing for me, which is why I haven’t been making as many videos as I usually do. I spent a lot of much needed time to myself snowboarding, cooking, going for walks and catching up on episodes of The Mindy Project (that show cracks me up!).

BUT now I am back with a new video and I think you’re going to love it! Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you are the superhero of your own life — you have the power to say “this is not how my story is going to end”!

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