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Yearning – a feeling or intense longing for something.

I know what it’s like to yearn for something (or someone). To want things. To desire a certain outcome. To hunger.

Sometimes people think that when you’re “spiritual” you can’t want things — as if somehow having a spiritual practice puts you on a level above material things or that it’s “bad” to want and you should feel guilty for it.

I personally love the feeling of intense desire, mostly because it’s just that: a feeling.

It’s neither good nor bad to want something.

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Tips On Handling Life Uncertainty (because there’s lots of it!)

Being An Adult

Hello folks!

Today I decided to dive into the topic of what it means to be an adult. (I also carved a pumpkin and had way too much fun filming with it, which you’re about to see!)  
As adults, we spend a lot of time trying to convince ourselves we know what’s going on and what everything is for.
Often, our actions and big decisions in life are motivated by the fear of uncertainty — the fear of the unknown. Ya know what I’m talking about?
So in the video below, I share with you some personal insight and one way we can start to find peace among life uncertainty.

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How To Empower Yourself When Life Gets Messy


Today I’m headed up to Jackson Hole, WY for a few days before I start my new job next week.

Remember last year when I went to Jackson? It did not disappoint and I’m looking forward to spending some time with one of my best friends. I’ll be sure to take lots of pics for you.

Speaking of pics, I just got Instagram!! You can (and probably should!) follow me here for some daily nature adventures and yoga ;)

It’s been a bit of an up and down week for me, which is why I could not be more excited about today’s video on how to empower yourself when things go “wrong”!

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How Spectacular You Are Is Not Meant To Be Hidden!


Hello beautiful friends! Yesterday I moved into my new apartment here in Park City, Utah!

I’ve got some awesome mountain views and cool new roomies. My apartment also has a broken hot tub… soooooo fingers crossed that it gets fixed because there is almost nothing better than hot tubbing on a cold winter night after snowboarding all day. Am I right?!

Anyway, I’m getting a little ahead of myself because it’s not quite winter yet!

This week’s video is super short and I think your going to love it. I was inspired by something I heard A Course In Miracles teacher Earl Purdy say in one of his videos:Continue Reading

Practicing Self-Forgiveness And Releasing Guilt


Hello everyone! This is my first week in Utah and so far I’m lovin’ it.

(For those you you just joining this community of soulful peeps, I just moved from the mountains in Northern California to the Wasatch mountains in Utah!)

I’m having fun exploring some different terrain, and of course, scoping out the mountain bike and snowboarding scene!

In the midst of change, it’s so important to be gentle with yourself and practice the F-word often…

The F-word in this case being forgiveness  ;)

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