Come on a Soul-fueled Kayak Adventure With Me…


Hello beautiful friends all around the world. What a week I’ve had since the last time we spoke!

Last Thursday I went camping with some friends and filmed this week’s video. I was so full of peace in the mountains — away from my computer, phone and my long to-do list. It was the perfect place to share with you.

My favorite moment? When I went rock climbing outdoors for the first time. I use to climb indoors a little when I was in college, but I never tried it outdoors… until NOW!

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How to Recognize Divine Guidance


So I’m back from my mini vacation to Monterey, CA!

Monterey was amazing — full of whale watching (video here on my FB Page), some backbends on the beach, bike riding (lots of poison oak to avoid!), delicious food, kayaking (a seal swam right under my kayak!) and quality time with someone that I love.

Even though I had a blast, it feels soooo good to be back home in the mountains.

This week’s video below is filmed at one of my favorite places, Fallen Leaf Lake. (I know, I know. I say every place is my favorite)Continue Reading

The Key To Really Experiencing Change


Hello mighty companions!

Today I am headed to Monterey, CA for a mini vacation! There will be whale watching, mountain biking, tons of delicious food and salty ocean water. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on my Facebook page ;)

I feel lots of changes rumbling through my entire life (more on this in the coming weeks!) so this vacation is sure to help me create some much needed mental clarity.

In this week’s video, I talk about the way to really experience the change you say you want. Simply reading “spiritual” books and drinking green juice isn’t gonna do it.

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What I’ve Been Up To This Summer (In Photos)


I don’t always take my camera with me on my adventures. Sometimes I just want to be fully present and have some space to work through my thoughts.

But I do enjoy taking photos of Mother Nature; however, I don’t enjoy the fact that they usually just sit in a folder on my hard drive.

Then, one day while hiking, I thought to myself, “Amanda, you should start to share them on your blog!”

Lightbulb!  Hello #NatureTherapy.

So here I am, sharing some of my summer adventures through pictures. It’s kind of vulnerable. I’m by no means a seasoned photographer. Honestly, I barely know how to work my DSLR!

But I’m going to share them anyway, because this has got to be better than not sharing them at all…

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How to have your prayers answered now


This week I’m back in the woods in-front of the camera filming a video on prayer!

I think you’re going to find it very helpful (especially if you feel like your prayers aren’t being answered).

We’ve all experienced this sort of thing before — you pray sincerely for something to happen and it doesn’t happen…or worse, the complete opposite happens!

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