Practicing Self-Forgiveness And Releasing Guilt


Hello everyone! This is my first week in Utah and so far I’m lovin’ it.

(For those you you just joining this community of soulful peeps, I just moved from the mountains in Northern California to the Wasatch mountains in Utah!)

I’m having fun exploring some different terrain, and of course, scoping out the mountain bike and snowboarding scene!

In the midst of change, it’s so important to be gentle with yourself and practice the F-word often…

The F-word in this case being forgiveness  ;)

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2 Simple Steps to Transcend Fear!


I feel fear sometimes (gasp!!). And with a big move to a new city coming up and major changes in every area of my life, there are certainly times when I feel confused, frustrated or nervous.

I share this with you because I think there is a common misconception that to be “spiritual” means you never feel fear and that you’re always positive/happy 100% of the time.

I used to think that if I felt some form of fear I was doing something wrong. I would feel afraid of my fear, resist it, and try to push it to the back of my mind or get rid of it. I never felt good doing it this way.

As spirituality became a big part of my life, I soon realized that it wasn’t about avoiding fear, but instead about welcoming the feelings and learning how to transcend them. (Hello personal power!)
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Come on a Soul-fueled Kayak Adventure With Me…


Hello beautiful friends all around the world. What a week I’ve had since the last time we spoke!

Last Thursday I went camping with some friends and filmed this week’s video. I was so full of peace in the mountains — away from my computer, phone and my long to-do list. It was the perfect place to share with you.

My favorite moment? When I went rock climbing outdoors for the first time. I use to climb indoors a little when I was in college, but I never tried it outdoors… until NOW!

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How to Recognize Divine Guidance


So I’m back from my mini vacation to Monterey, CA!

Monterey was amazing — full of whale watching (video here on my FB Page), some backbends on the beach, bike riding (lots of poison oak to avoid!), delicious food, kayaking (a seal swam right under my kayak!) and quality time with someone that I love.

Even though I had a blast, it feels soooo good to be back home in the mountains.

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The Key To Really Experiencing Change


Hello mighty companions!

Today I am headed to Monterey, CA for a mini vacation! There will be whale watching, mountain biking, tons of delicious food and salty ocean water. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on my Facebook page ;)

I feel lots of changes rumbling through my entire life (more on this in the coming weeks!) so this vacation is sure to help me create some much needed mental clarity.

In this week’s video, I talk about the way to really experience the change you say you want. Simply reading “spiritual” books and drinking green juice isn’t gonna do it.

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