How to let your old limiting beliefs fall away


Hello mighty companions!

I survived an action packed weekend of yoga, music, and hiking at Wanderlust California! I met some amazing people and got to spend quality time with one of my best friends.

In this week’s BRAND NEW video, I felt inspired to build upon something I talked about during the hikes I led at the festival.

When you watch you’ll discover:

- My favorite way to create space for myself
- How to let your limiting beliefs and outworn truths fall away
- Why I love to travel abroad (by myself)
- How get clear on what your intuition is telling you
- Why it’s LIBERATING to drop your story
- How to experience more miracles!

Click below to watch!

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Are you diminishing your joy with guilt?


Hello beautiful friends,

Tomorrow I am headed off to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival here in California. I am thrilled to be a presenter this year! My classes are going to be hiking and yoga combined. Everyone is going to get a little nature therapy ;)

If you’re going to be at the festival and you happen to spot me galavanting around trying free samples of everything, jamming out to some awesome music or just taking a nap in the grass, come say hi! (yes, you have my full permission to wake me up from a nap)

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Feeling Stuck? Uninspired? Watch this…


Hey there friends, what have you been up to this week?

In addition to work, bike riding, teaching yoga and preparing my classes for the Wanderlust Festival next week, I’ve been hunting for crystals. Yup, I’m a crystal hunter now ;)

It all started with a very ambitious mountain bike ride to a place called Star Lake. I’d only been up there once before, and what I remembered was that the uphill nearly killed me. But I live in an outdoor recreation town. People kept casually saying, “oh I just biked up to start lake this afternoon” as if it’s no big deal, so I thought maybe when I did it last year I just was having an off day. “I shall try it again”, I thought.

Well let me tell you, I did it again recently, and it’s still a big deal for me. Four hours of uphill is pretty much my maximum climbing for a “casual” mountain bike ride. (although I have to admit, it wasn’t as hard as I remembered it)

So during this long climb, all of the sudden we started biking through a crystal garden. No joke, it looked like someone sprinkled quartz down from above like glitter. (this is something I completely missed last year)

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The Divine Feminine, Vulnerability and Receiving Guidance Interview w/ Elle Griffin


Hello friends! I’m especially pumped about today’s Soul Workout. Why? Because we have a very rad guest!

Last week I sat down to interview Elle Griffin. Elle is my go-to person for all things The Divine Feminine and in my opinion, she’s someone who really lives from a place of authenticity, so naturally, I was very excited to chat with her.

This Soul Workout is packed. (I mean PACKED!) In the video interview below you’ll discover:

- the number one way to embody the Divine Feminine in your life (this is soooooo powerful)
- why it’s okay (essential, even) to pursue pleasure
- why it’s important to let go of the external definitions of what “healthy” should look like
- how Elle handles vulnerability (you don’t want to miss this part)
- 2 easy and practical ways to get through self-doubt and overwhelm (did I say easy!)
- a really practical perspective on Divine Guidance and inspiration

You’re going to LOVE this! Click below to watch:

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