The Most Healing Thing A Human Being Can Do

This awakening to the essence of love that permeates life is taking place in the minds and hearts of individuals all over the world — including you. You are part of it, and everything in your life is tailor-made to open you again so that you can do the most courageous, the most challenging, but also the most healing thing a human being can do — fall in love with yourself. – Mary O’Malley

As I was being yelled at, I realized that I had two choices — love or fear. In fact, those are the only choices we ever have in any situation.

But this time, even though the temptation to choose fear and defend myself was very strong, I chose love, and as a result, the experience of being yelled at turned into a doorway for healing.

The Soul Workout below gives you the raw truth about the topic of self-love. I didn’t plan this video, it just happened. No cheese-ball tips here ;)

I remembered self-love. Remembered is the key word. Click the video below to find out why:



“Self-love isn’t something you get, it’s something you remember.” (Tweet that)


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With love,


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  1. Suava says

    Thank you for your lovely words of inspiration once again, always hear the messages you send at the right time for me.
    With love from Australia
    Suava X

  2. says

    Hi Amanda

    Thanks for the wisdom! As a teenager it is always great to grow my knowledge on spirituality! I seem to have a pn absolute craving for philosophy and spirituality. Thanks for helping me fulfill that necessity :).

    You’re such an inspiring woman to look up to!

    Greetings from South Africa

  3. Pixie says

    I used to approval seek.. From multiple university degrees to buying a home. I self sabotaged my own joy to do things which I thought subconsciously would ‘please’ my family as I came from an abusive childhood and never truly felt worthy.

    Forgiving myself, loving myself, daily
    Meditations and really remembering my worth was all it took to begin the changes.

    You’re right about ‘remembering’. I had a horrible childhood BUT I did a meditation where I went back to myself as a little girl and gave her all the love and protection she could have needed. I hugged her and told her I loved her.

    Powerful stuff Amanda. Loving your videos


  4. Marijke says

    I also come from being abused to abusing myself, to start learning loving myself….still a strugle…small steps everyday, like today listening to your video
    Thank you Amanda

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