The Difference Between Divine Guidance And The Ego

How do I know if I’m following Divine guidance or just my own ego plans? How do I know I’m following the “right” path in life? These are questions I had for a long time, especially when I started studying spirituality. I wanted to listen to my Inner Guide, but I didn’t know how to tell the difference between Divine guidance and ego plans. In this week’ Soul Workout below, I answer the questions above. I share with you a few quick ways you can tell if something is Divine guidance or if it’s just your own ego (fearful) plans for getting happiness. Being able to tell the difference is an important skill to have. Click below to watch!

This Sunday I will be going to Mexico for a week to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend. I can hardly believe it’s Christmas next week! Also, in-case you missed it, I uploaded a holiday stress-buster Rep of Truth Meditation video on Sunday. Take a few minutes to relax and hear some loving truthful ideas!

With love and guidance,


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  1. says

    Amanda, You Rock. I love the way you so enthusiastically express yourself. I am inspired every time. Love those nature backgrounds too. Your joyful wisdom speaks volumes.

  2. says

    Funny (or not?) that your messages always come at the right time. I got a call randomly about an interview today, for a job I’m not sure I want anymore, and I have been wondering and asking lately if I set out on the right path… so of course that’s what you address in your Soul Workout. I haven’t gotten my answer yet but I’m going to listen to the vid again and ask for guidance again, see if I can “tune in” a little better this time! Thanks Amanda.

  3. Louise says

    Hi Amanda. Great vid. This is sth I’ve been having trouble with. On one hand we’re told we have to take action for things to happen and know what we want and on the other hand we’re told not to try too hard and the next step will be shown to us. All gets a bit confusing.

    • Amanda says

      I like to think that the action steps will be shown to us once we get clear on the direction we want to go in! Then it’s up to us to act out that plan ;) Great to hear from you Louise!

  4. Alice says

    Amanda great video and amazing content! I often wonder whether or not that little voice is my ego.. And now I know it for sure, because it’s the first to speak!
    Thank so much for sharing what you have learnt!
    I wish you a merry christmas!

    • Alice says

      My ego is very frustated because she was waiting for a reply but didn’t get and seems it was the only comment you didn’t reply to.
      Why am I so upset about you not answering my comment?

      • Amanda says

        Hey Alice! I’m so sorry I missed your comment! I try and reply to everyone because I really appreciate the time you take to comment and join in the spiritual sweat conversation. Sometimes a few comments slip through and I forget to reply. I appreciate you!! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate).

  5. Nicki says

    This is honestly the best explanation I’ve seen on this subject. Thank you so much. Your tip has been super helpful in staying focused on the NOW and stopping my ego from future tripping.

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