How to meet like-minded people

This past weekend I volunteered for another mountain bike trail build day.  And something really interesting happened when I purposely put myself in a situation I knew I would be uncomfortable in.

Call me crazy, but I like to keep pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. It’s scary at first, but totally liberating and exciting afterwards. And each time I build confidence in myself and it gets easier and easier.

If you want to practice expanding your comfort zone and meet new friends that are interested in similar things as you, then you’re going to love this week’s Soul Workout!

Click below to hear the story from this past weekend and the simplest way you can expand your comfort zone too.


Never underestimate the power of saying “hi” (tweet that)

What are the specific action steps you are going to take this week to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people? Write them out in the comments below. Social accountability is a powerful thing ;)

Also, what are some resources to find new groups? I know can be a good resource, but do you know of anything else? If so, share it with the group below!


With so much love,


P.S. In case you missed it over on my Facebook page, here is this week’s nature therapy photo:




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  1. says

    Thanks Amanda!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. Part of the trouble with me when I became interested in spirituality was not having the vocabulary to articulate what I wanted to say properly. I felt I understood what I was hearing but didn’t know how to really ‘join in’ the conversations.

    Like you, spirituality was just a small part of my life at first so I kept it to myself, but now I’ve become more open about it I’m finding that there are quite a few people I’ve known for ages who are into it too. Just today I discovered that one of my colleagues is also interested in meditation and few weeks ago another one told me that she was also having a hard time moving from her old life to her new one. Seems that all it takes sometimes is to become more comfortable with the stuff we’re interested in ourselves and then we’ll find more people like us!

    • Amanda says

      Hey Louise, yes that’s a really good point that I didn’t mention in the video. The more comfortable I got with what I was doing and my values and beliefs, it was a lot easier for me to make it a bigger part of my life and verbally tell people what I was interested in. I had to get comfortable with myself first, so that I could attract like-minded people, not external validation. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Shannon says

    Amanda, this was so needed! Last week I started a Meetup group for 20s and 30s something’s in the town I live in. The closest one was 30 miles away and I wanted to meet locals. 15 people have joined and I made my first event for this weekend! Several people are planning to attend. I am anxious about leading it but this video helped me realize I can be vulnerable AND excited! Thanks so much.

  3. Heather says

    Thanks for the video! It’s really good to see how you went out of your comfort zone to find like minded individuals! If you have any other suggestion please let me know via e-mail! I live in West Virginia, and I’ve never felt like I beyond I have no one currently in my life that can relate to me or my spiritual side. I’m a rare breed for the state and area! I long for that connection with other individuals so BADLY though! Keep up the great work. Your amazing!


  4. says

    Hi Amanda,

    Personally I’m a big fan of putting myself in an uncomfortable situation and just letting the chips fall where they may.

    Recently, when I have felt resistance towards someone or something, I have just forced myself to do it.


    P.S. Commenting on other peoples blogs is also a good way to meet like minded people :)

    • Amanda says

      Hey Ben, thanks for the book recommendation! It sounds like something I would really love. And you’re right, commenting on other blogs and joining forums is a really great way to meet new people.
      Have an awesome weekend,

  5. Arushi says

    Hi Amanda,
    I haven’t commented much on your posts but I have been religiously following your videos and posts, one major reason being that each week you talk about something very relevant to what I also experience and then I wonder ‘how did Amanda know that this is what I wanted to hear’-then I sometime read comments too and I realize how these feelings are central to each one of us. You’re doing a great job.
    So what got me commenting here is that, I have been practicing vulnerability too. I have stopped taking out my phone in public as an escape when I am all by myself in public, and initiating conversations. It can be nerve wrecking. What’s happened with me is that there have been times when I don’t get a hi back or a rude stare and walk away by the other person. That not only becomes intimidating and discouraging. What’s your take on this?

    • Amanda says

      Hey Arushi! I’ve totally had people look at me like I was a crazy person for just saying hi haha. It’s interesting. In those moments, I focus in on myself. I remind myself that I really have no idea what that person is going through and their reaction isn’t about me. Then I think about how I feel when I say hi. No matter how someone else reacts, saying hi (or being overall friendly and conversational) elevates my mood. I feel present, engaged, and happy. Also, I tell myself that even if that person didn’t react the way I thought they would, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t appreciate the hi or that it didn’t brighten their day. I like to believe that on some level it did. On some level, it awakens their sense of worthiness, they just might not be able to accept it for themselves yet.
      Hope this new perspective helps! Thanks for commenting. This is a really good question!
      With love,

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